Recreation Programs

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Find new adventures around every corner in Garland!  Discover special events, recreation classes, swimming, sports complexes, playgrounds, natural areas and trails for the whole family.  Garland Parks and Recreation brings you heart pumping fun, gets your mind in gear, and puts a smile on your face.

Garland is home to 6 recreation centers and 2 senior centers.  Each facility offers a variety of programs and services that are enjoyed by people of all ages and ability levels.  From dancing and painting to exercise and sports, you can find activities to improve and enrich your life. 

Sports complexes, recreation centers, and athletic fields supply plenty of opportunities for friendly pick up games or serious competition. Through recreation classes and athletic leagues that partner with the city, everyone of all abilities in Garland can enjoy a variety of sports including cricket, tennis or the Garland Tennis Center, golf, disc golf, softball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Find a park near you. 

Now that you know what you might be missing, don’t stay home!  Get out and PLAY Garland!